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Our clients, the Manitao Teacher's Association

The Real Deal

John has been a day trader for the last 17 years. He's hit it big and he's been deep in the hole. Using Meta4 and many other types of software, John has never made consistent profits He was desperate to make a change because he and his wife were expecting Jessie, his now 7 year old daughter. He needed to find another solution.

When John was introduced to Aeon Options BOT Fund Sapphire Account, he had his doubts. There are so many companies out there that promise great results but hardly deliver. Even if they do, the withdrawals were a pain in the neck to receive.

“I was so excited and nervous for the 1st 6 months, I have to admit. I just couldn't believe the results! My heart was racing every time I logged in to check my balance. Before the 6th month, my fund manager, Brett, sent me an email to remind me of my withdrawal. I sent in the form and 9 days later, $33,000 was in my account! There is no doubt that this system works!”- John Tseng

Happy Teachers, Smarter Kids

We just received a letter from the Manitao Teacher's Association and they shared a heart-felt story with us about their experience with Aeon Options.

Betty Singletary says that the members are so glad that they can focus on the kids and now they see more attention and interaction from their students because they realized their “own” attitudes have changed for the better. Because they worry less about their disposable income, they can concentrate at what they do best which is educating their students.

John, Jackson, Susan, and Jessie Lee together after receiving their first withdrawal

More Testimonials

Tracy Pham

“I'm new to investing, so this is like learning a new language to me, but the way that the manager at AEON describes it makes it very simple to grasp and it's really in line with a lot of the other greats, just like Warren Buffett." - Tracy Pham

Andy Wilson

I'm very skeptical when it comes to any form of investment. In the past I've lost money by following well paid advice from licensed financial 'advisors' and 'agents'. In hindsight, the advice was aimed only at maximizing their commission or other kickbacks. I've also tried conducting my own research but I was overwhelmed by the volume of often conflicting data that was available. Eventually I came to the conclusion that despite the risks of legislation changes, Binary Options through AEON was the best investment strategy available.

I met Roger Freeman in his previous employment and was impressed by his dedication, thoroughness and integrity. When he left to work for AEON I knew how he operated so I listened to what he had to say and decided to invest with him and AEON Options.

I have friends who have investment property. When they compared the effort to the return they said they wouldn't do it again. Despite popular belief, you can lose investing in real estate. One of the main advantages of dealing with AEON is, Roger does all the research and leg work. Basically, all I had to do was complete documents as they were emailed to me.

Regardless of what I say about Roger and the service he provides; the bottom line is results speak for themselves. Anyone who tells you 'time is more important than timing' hasn't done their homework. Listening to this kind of advice resigned me to being a financial conscript and working to 60. Through his efforts, I'm now looking at the very real possibility of an early retirement. I might still need my super fund, but now it's only for toys and travel.

I've read testimonials before and always thought they were setup. I've received no incentive for providing this endorsement and would be happy to personally discuss my experiences dealing with Roger and AEON. Considering the work Roger has done for me, and the impact it has had on my financial security, I'm also happy for him to discuss our investment results. To further indicate my degree of satisfaction, I've recommended Roger to my family. - Andy Wilson

Nick Skinner

"I'd recommend this to anybody who has money in mutual funds, or in anything that they don't have control over, to give themselves more control over their own money." - Nick Skinner

Justin McKinley

"This was phenomenal... bridging the gap, to take you from a feeling of am I doing this right? To a feeling of confidence." - Justin McKinley

Mari Jones

"What AEON is teaching here, I finally feel like a new lease on life where I'll be able to take that little stash of cash that I have and really assure my financial security for the long-term future." - Mari Jones

Our client, Mike and wife Charlotte's first house.

Happy Home

Mike and Charlotte are high school sweethearts. They've been together for 18 years and the only thing Mike ever promised Charlotte was a beautiful home for them to eventually start a family in.

Now, Mike's been able to fulfill that 18-year promise through his experience with Aeon Options.

Mike says that his wife Charlotte couldn't be any happier with the house they chose. They are both eager to start meaningful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Tony Certo, with his brand new ride.

Upgrading Life

Anthony Certo left his job as a mortgage broker to find another job that could provide him that financial freedom he's always wanted. He transitioned to forex trading and to stock trading but hardly ever made consistent profits.

Tony was determined to make a change in hopes of a better lifestyle. He needed to find the right solution.

When he was first introduced to Aeon Options by a friend, he was hesitant to learn more about our BOT Fund Sapphire Account. There have been many companies in the past that guarantee great results but rarely deliver. Up to this day, companies like that still exist.

'I was hesitant to learn about Aeon Options because I've heard stories from some of my buddies that they were scammed by other companies in the past. But it was my good friend Gavin who made me see for myself through his success that this could be the solution to my longtime problem. I will always be grateful for this opportunity because of how efficient their system is and it has yet to fail me.'

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